Thursday, 24 July 2014

Developing Power? The Strength Speed Continuum

Here's a very general overview of the strength speed continuum. Basically you have exercises ranging from absolute strength to absolute speed which are all used in order to improve power output (force x velocity) and athletic performance. Improving either side of the power equation will increase the outcome of power  It can be broken down like this...

Absolute Strength:

Squats, Deadlifts, Pressing, Rows, Chins etc. Any exercise that uses heavy loads.

Strength Speed:

Olympic Lifts. Exercises that require high velocity but are still lifted at high percentages of 1 rep max. Can also throw in dynamic day lifts as per Westside method.

Speed Strength:

Loaded jump squats, loaded broad jumps, medicine ball throws etc.

Absolute Speed:

Bodyweight jumps, sprints, bounding etc.

This is a very general overview and can be applied to pretty much any sport. My next post will have a strength speed continuum specifically for improving short sprint speed via horizontal force and power.

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