Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Strength Speed Continuum Specifically for Horizontal Capabilities

Here’s my post on the strength speed continuum for horizontal capabilities to potentially improve short sprint speed performance. Again to quickly recap, you have exercises ranging from absolute strength to absolute speed which are all used in order to improve power output (force x velocity) and athletic performance. Improving either side of the power equation will potentially increase the outcome of power.


Hip Thrust, Glute Bridge, 45 degree back extension, Heavy Sled Push and Drag

Strength Speed:

Kettlebell Swing

Speed Strength:

Weighted Broad Jump, Medicine Ball Scoop Toss, Light Sled Sprint


Sprinting, Bounding, Broad Jump

These exercises will help improve the horizontal force and velocity capabilities and potentially influence short sprint speed. These exercises can also be used as complexes to improve power output which I’ll cover on a later post.

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